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-Marilyn Carter




“We can make Orange County the best place in our state for all people to live, learn, love, work, and grow. As Commissioner, I will be committed to listening to our community and to accelerating toward that goal.”

Bringing the Commission to the Community

County Government is not glamorous. It is about making things work – with equity for all.


The County is responsible for the services we don’t always think about: trash pick-up, animal control, finding a flu vaccine, and testing your well water. 


We depend on the County to provide reliable services in our times of need, like emergency housing assistance, the 911 call center and first responders. 


It’s also responsible for services we enjoy: public art, county parks, libraries and our senior centers. 


The County Commission funds our two school systems and our community college. It sets our property tax rate. It decides where and how we can build in the county and how we roll out broadband access.


County services touch every member of our community, so it is essential that every member is heard. It’s incumbent on our County government to reach out to the folks who do not have the time or the trust to come forward. Marilyn is committed to bringing the Commission to the community.


Equitable Outcomes for Orange County Residents

Inclusive Land Use Planning

Our Land Use Plan for Orange County 2050 must reflect the diverse needs of our residents and the progressive values of our community. 

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will build pathways to participation to ensure that every voice is heard as the Land Use plan is developed and adopted.

High-Quality Public Education

Every student deserves public schools that provide a great education in a healthy and safe learning environment—from cradle to career.

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will prioritize spending that prepares students with the skills to succeed and thrive in tomorrow’s world—by reducing the opportunity gap, supporting strong programming for both college-bound and non-college bound students, and ensuring our facilities are well maintained and future-proofed.


Housing as a Human Right

People have the right to affordable, safe housing, regardless of their means. Access to housing is essential to positive health and educational outcomes.

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will take a multi-pronged approach to make affordable housing available to every Orange County resident.

Broadband Everywhere 

Broadband internet access is critical to your ability to work and learn anywhere you live. The Lumos/ARPA Broadband Project is underway to bring high-speed internet to rural Orange County. 

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will ensure transparency, accountability, and maximum service coverage as this project continues.

Climate Action

Climate change has already brought drought, flooding, and record-breaking heat to Orange County. The time to take action to improve sustainability and reduce the impacts of global temperature rise is now. 


As your Commissioner, Marilyn will ensure that we make good on our local commitment to reduce greenhouse emissions, transition to clean energy, and plan for climate resiliency, as described in Orange County's Climate Action Plan.  


Balanced Approach to Economic Growth

Economic growth can bring living wage jobs to our county and reduce our dependence on residential property taxes. At the same time, growth opportunities must be evaluated in the context of the needs of residents and impact on our environment. 

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will take a thoughtful, community-informed approach to balanced economic growth.

Health for Body and Mind

We have finally won Medicaid expansion, making quality health services available to more of North Carolina’s families. 

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will work to reduce health disparities and inequities in health care access through our county’s public health department, resources for aging, and behavioral health services.

Caring for Community Members Affected by Opioid Use Disorder 

As part of the historic Opioid Settlement deal, Orange County will receive hundreds of thousands of dollars annually until 2040 to connect people to care for opioid use disorder.

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will prioritize evidence-based strategies for harm reduction, addiction treatment, and substance use prevention. In addition, Marilyn will support ongoing work by our Criminal Justice Resource Department and Sheriff’s Office in pre-arrest diversion and medication-assisted treatment for people in detention.

Support for the Arts

The arts serve as a focal point for community engagement and social cohesion. The Orange County Arts Commission is one of very few local arts agencies housed within county government within the state of North Carolina.

As your Commissioner, Marilyn will advocate for arts programs that contribute to the cultural vibrancy of our community and showcase local talent, including the Grassroots Arts Program and Artist Project Grants.

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